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SEO Tool Management is essential when creating and maintaining a perfect Search Engine Optimization foundation for your website. With SEO Management Tools you can see the latest visitors, bandwidth, webalizer, webalizer ftp, awstats, raw access logs, error logs, choose log programs, logaholic and goggle analytics integration. 

  • Latest Visitors: This function will show the last 300 people that have accessed your site.
  • Bandwidth: This function allows you to see the bandwidth usage for your site. It shows the current month's bandwidth usage as well as your total bandwidth usage. This will include all HTTP (web) and POP (mail) bandwidth usage and may include FTP bandwidth usage if your system administrator has enabled FTP bandwidth logging.
  • Webalizer: Webalizer is a complex stats program that produces a variety of charts and graphs about who has visited your site.
  • Webalizer FTP:  Webalizer FTP is a complex stats program that produces a variety of charts and graphs about who has visited your site using FTP protocol. 
  • Awstats: Awstats produces visual statistics about visitors of your site.
  • Raw Access Logs: Raw Access Logs allow you to see who has accessed your site without the use of graphs, charts or other graphics. You can use the Raw Access Logs menu to download a zipped version of the server's access log for your site. This can be very useful when you need to see who is accessing your site quickly.
  • Error Log: This function will display the last 300 errors for your site. This can be very useful for determining what links are broken on your site, or what files do not exist that should. Checking this log frequently can help keep your site running smoothly.
  • Choose Log Programs: This function allows you to choose what stats programs you will use when viewing site statistics, if you are allowed to do so.
  • Google Analytics:  Google Analytics is a site traffic monitoring system developed and maintained by Google. Analytics works by adding a few lines of javascript code to all of the pages on your site, to report each hit to Google's analytics server, where you can view detailed graphs and statistics, and see trends in site traffic.

    Your cPanel offers seamless integration with Google Analytics by adding this javascript code to your pages for you. Your site's files will not be modified in any way; instead, each time that a page request is made, the javascript code will be dynamically added to the page before it is sent to your visitor.

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