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Website Check List

  • You have complete access to your domain name and hosting settings.
  • You are listed as the registrant, Administrator and Billing Agent for that account.
  • Website is built and you have at least 20 pages all linked together. 
  • Your website auto fits to any mobile device.
  • You website has all your content of services and products listed on your website.
  • You are set up for constant monthly maintenance of updates, upgrades, marketing work.
  • You have your social media profiles infused into your website.
  • You are listed on the front page of search engines and easily found under your service and city.

Awesome! Than you are the 1% if you checked each of the above off.  O, did we miss adwords, smoke and mirror SEO , click ads, ad campaigns etc?  We have proof of  results found over the last 16 years,  that your website can organically dominate.  Yes, your website can dominate without the need for adwords, or really expensive "Who can out spend who" campaigns.  Sound crazy? It's not, our kosher method has set us far apart from SEO companies for years. 

How? Well in a nutshell, first you need to have a perfect environment for your website.  Because without a perfect environment, there is no amount of time and money spent on your website that will make it out-perform your competition.  Second, your internal website must meet every single guideline and recommendation of the main search engine.  Lastly, think like a Winner.  Winner's beat out the competition by strategy, yes? A quick example would be, surely are not going to list your site on every directory or create every social media profile you can find, right?  Our hope at this point, would be you  now understand how foolish it is to  1. create more competition for your website to deal with and 2. Add more content to your now "FriendEnemy'' Website?   

Going Against The Grain.  No, we just keep it very simple and pay attention to Organic Listings.  The organic way keeps websites, clean, organized, constantly growing  on it's own.  Unlike the "Tink Method" of Today's SEO.  For instance, if you can't pay your campaign bill or adword bill, they simply "Tink" and your website is gone, with a "Tink of a button".  Organically Optimized, you keep everything thing you put into it. 

If you have...

  • no idea how to access your domain name.
  • no contact with your host company
  • no control over your website at all. 
  • not yet found your website online.
  • spent way too much for marketing with no return on investment
  • the need of a flare gun for someone to help your situation!

Well, lets get started! If you take a few minutes and just fill out the information below, we will do a complete audit with a solution to get your site outfitted to be organically found in multiple places.  Our audit is quite extensive and our solutions, depending on your unique situation can either be a simple fix or quite tedious.  If you are too busy running your company and require a contract with us, we are more than happy to assist you. 

Cost Our cost ranges from $150 to $250.  We spend several hours going over your issues and generate solutions that result in moving your current investment forward the way it should have to start with.

How it works.  Fill out the information below.  When we have completed the package, we will call you within 4 business days to set an appointment for Consultation and Payment.   During the Consultation of 1hr or less, we will go over our audit and give you solutions to your issues.  Must cases, our solutions are able to cut existing campaigns down to a fraction of your monthly cost, gain ownership of your domain and hosting back in your control, in some cases it involves legal assistance, which we can obtain that for you at a fraction of what you are thinking.  Let's see, how to organically outfit your website, minimize and infuse social media time and effort and so much more.  

OM is a Business Advocacy and Consultancy Co.  we fight for small businesses, we have a very wide range of amazing tools, cost saving operation tools for example pos, ecommerce, insurance, accounting, legal, barter  and networking resources that assists small businesses.  


Website Audit

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