What is “Organic Optimization”?

Organic Optimization is making sure the "Entire" Website from start to finish is set up properly for Organic Optimization.  It is a very tedious process and takes longer to build out than using a instant gratification technique of sponsored ads and other campaigns that by a click of a switch, you are where you want for a hefty price.  If you fail to pay that hefty price, a click of the switch and it all goes away.  Not the case with Organic Optimization and how Optimix Media in many cases gives you more listings and staying power for the fraction of the cost of marketing campaigns.

What is “Organic Infusion”?

Organic Infusion is a simplistic way of incorporating social media and directory listings into a business website.  It is all done organically and not with the use of expensive marketing campaigns.

What is “Organic Mixture”?

Organic Mixture is taking different Organic techniques and methods and fusing them together to make a unique mix that produces Organic Domination.  Our methods of utilizing proven organic techniques over the years has produced brilliant formulations that are both time and cost effective.

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