Types of Website Repair

WordPress Repair

WordPress is a specialty of ours.

Proper Set Up: Many times a WordPress Website is just simply not set up right.  There are several steps that must occur before the website theme is updated and the website custom fitted.  Without proper set up, disastrous consequences will commence.  What can happen?  Broken links, Google/Bing Webmaster Tool errors per broken page, zero optimization, no word editor, no captcha to control spam, no security, wide open to hacks, a wide variety of issues that no webmaster has the time for, let alone the amount of unnecessary dollars spent correcting the infinity of issues that can arise.  This is where we come into save the day.  Depending on the situation, we first set up WordPress correctly and than go knock out the issues one by one.

Redirects: We receive many websites in disrepair that don't have the right features enabled.  This produces a host of problems such as pages that don't exist because the WordPress General Set up was missed.  So, imagine having to redirect 508 broken pages to new pages (that must be rebuilt) after the system is reconfigured.  It's tedious, but must be done.

Plugin Incompatibility: WordPress Updates and Plug In Updates must be managed.  There are constant breaks in plugins due to a variety of reasons, such as updating WordPress before the Plugin In creator makes their own updates to fit to the new WordPress Update.  A broken plugin will take down a wordpress website and the only option is to go into the website from the host company dashboard.

Website Conversions: Conversions are basically taking a website that, for whatever reason, is not functioning properly and converting it to another, more effective CMS, such as WordPress or Dot.Net Nuke.  WordPress and .NET are highly effective when it comes to Organic Marketing, if set up properly.  We take all the content and media from the defective website and put it on the efficient CMS.

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