Website Maintenance comes in a variety of flavors because each client is unique.  

A website is never complete in our experience.  Once a website's basic pages are completed, this is when the real work actually begins.  Basic pages are normally presented as Home, About Us, Services, Shop, Photo Gallery, Contact Us.  Maintenance is most generally a continuous build out of pages and posts based off of the basic pages.  By doing this approach, we are able to keep the website fresh and active and enticing the search engines to come see the new updates.  If you are wanting attention and top ranking for your website, then maintenance is essential!

Currently, here are the most common questions that we are asked:

  • Q: Do you provide Photography, Videography and Commercial Creation in your maintenance plans? No.  If we did, you would have no maintenance hours left unless you are planning to spend a large sum every month.  It is much less expensive, if you simply buy a discounted bulk hour packages or pay an hourly rate.  It depends on your needs.  Some service shoots last an hour and require no editing, but if there is both photo and video, including travel and editing this could be an 8-12 hour service.  If you are on a 5 hour a month plan, your updates wouldn't be added until the hours exceeded your plan's amount or you chose to use up the three month advancement on your contract.  We just find that having a separation of time consuming services are more efficient on the customer's budget if left out of the maintenance plan.  


Maintenance includes updates, new pages, new posts, new media, slider updates, gallery updates, video updates, social media management and training. 

Our maintenance plans come in discounted bulk hour packages.  The hours provided are custom fit to our client's needs.  We WILL bump up or down those contracted hours, because in many cases our clients needs will change and we believe in only paying for what is needed.

Once a Maintenance Plan is acquired, we plan out a strategy that will effectively maintain the continual growth of your website(s).  Our Maintenance Services are geared to upkeep the constant flow of content and media that will attract both your audience as well as a multitude of search engines to your website.  Our skills at marketing are infused right into our maintenance work.  WE ALWAYS ORGANICALLY OPTIMIZE EVERY PAGE, POST AND MEDIA PIECE.

Organic Optimization is what sets us apart from the rest.  We specialize in giving our clients every tool that is possible to make their website run at optimal strength organically. Most of our competitors build a website and pop it into the Google Adwords campaigns for their profit margin.  If we can dominate our clients website without the extra added expense of such campaigns, then we just saved our clients thousands of dollars over life of their business.  In addition to working without Adwords, we do assist our clients that are indeed, using Adwords.  We can assist in consolidating their current campaigns into a more feasible and efficient package and produce better results.

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