When a website is performing lower than expectation, it is good to have an evaluation of it's overall environment and what is happening internally.  There are various issues that create a website system to perform poorly.   Everything from poor host environment,  poor coding, cms (joomla!, drupal, software program search engines can not read and etc), database corruption, blacklist marketing campaigns and the list goes on.

Optimix Media goes through each of our clients website systems and finds out all the issues and reports them to you.  We than generate a conversion plan that looks at getting your Website System functioning the way it needs to; in order to create the desired online presence.  We offer Conversions changing hosting companies, migrating email,  transfer a malfunctioning website into a WordPress Web System, optimize it properly and create strategic social media and marketing campaigns with the major search engines.  


  • Domain Management
  • Hosting Management
  • Email Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Theme Modifications
  • Convert Pages, Posts to new website pages
  • Convert and/or infuse existing apps
  • Redirect Old Pages to New Pages or Posts
  • Organically Optimize Web System

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