Your Business Brand…Identity…Logo…

Your Business Logo is the most important visual representation of your company.  Having a strong, unique logo that reflects your business as well as your identity is our prime focus.

Optimix Media creates all of our logo's with the creative flair and personalization for each unique business.  Once you have approved your logo, we will provide your new business logo in many different sizes and file formats.  By doing this, we will ensure that you will have a logo and avatar that is perfect for social media profiles, cover art, print media, promotional items, business cards, stationary, banking checks, vehicle skinning, embroidery, your website and more!

The reason we stress having your logo vectorized is quite simple.  It saves time and cost for your business.  Anytime a print shop has to remaster your logo because it's not in a vector file format, you will pay extra for image tracing and remodeling.  In many scenario's your logo will look different than what you currently have.  If you have such a logo that is not multi-format friendly, contact us today for a consultation.

Logo Services…

We offer the following services...

  • Logo Design: Using Adobe Illustrator Software, we will design a custom vector logo for your business.
  • Logo File Formats: We will provide the logo in several different file formats and sizes that will be perfect for your social media profiles, website header, business cards, print media, vehicle skinning and etc.  For example, we provide you .jpg, .eps, .png, .ai, .tiff and .gif if you prefer.
  • Logo Remastering:  Sometimes your original vector file got lost or wasn't provided for some reason.  We will be more than happy to rebuild your logo as a vector.
  • Logo Trademarking: It is certainly a process to trademark your business logo, but it is very necessary and gives you an edge on building business brand equity.