Custom Graphic Design, Illustrations…

We are experts at making our custom graphics and illustrations communicate volumes to your target audience.

Creating custom graphics and illustrations draws excitement from our highly skilled artists.  We enjoy bringing free style creativity,  the original organic medium of artistic talents, to each client.  It's a fresh way to bring exciting and creative ideas to your campaigns, promotional print media and bring your online presence to life!

We work closely with  our clients to develop content, color schemes, stylistic scenarios that turn into beautiful, visual presentations that entice with a WOW factor that turns your target audience your way.

Design Services…

Optimix Media provides both Print and Web based Graphic and Illustrations.

Graphic Designs for Print: Our custom graphics and illustrations develop a creative design that best represents your business.  We design various graphics and illustrations for print such as business cards, stationary, brochures, posters, flyers, calendars, pamphlets, magazines, ad copy, distribution mail, post cards and more!

Graphic Designs for Websites: Our digital based graphics are perfect for each business website, social media profiles, cover art, banners, infographics, website templates and much more.