How Our Website Referral Program Works

Referral Program Guidelines

Anyone can refer a business and be compensated upon a signed agreement from that referred business.  Our Commission checks range from  Gift Cards for specific Trade Partners, as well as Gift Cards in the amounts of $25 to $100 - depending on what your referral signs up for.  If they are a Trade Exchange Partner then Gift Cards are Issued, if they are not, we will give you the option of the type of Gift Cards Available.

Our guidelines are quite simple.

1. You must only refer a business that you have talked to and they have stated to you that they indeed want to talk to an Optimix Media Rep.

2. You must fill out the form and submit it.

3.  Filling out the form without talking to the business is an instant disqualification.  Business owners are very busy and we will not go cold calling businesses because it is wasting our time and theirs.

4.  We are so excited to have you spreading the word about us!  We love to reward our Referrer's.

Referral Questions.

If you have any questions regarding our referral program, please reply below and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Thank you for sending us a Referral. Please fill out the following information for the business you have talked to and who are expecting our call. Please make sure that you have read our Referral Program Guidelines, before filling out the form below.

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