Trade Partners Exchange, Birmingham AL

What is Partner Trade Exchange? It's a wonderful service to have access to!  It's simple, you trade out services with other Trade Partners in the exchange.  We enjoy having new businesses join us in the exchange.  It builds the number of businesses to trade services with and imagine getting a complete website and maintenance, all on trade!

If you are interested in having your website done on trade, business marketing materials and promotion items, car fix, clothing, salon items, bookkeeping and etc, please fill out the form and click submit.  A Trade Partner Exchange Representative will contact you and tell you all about getting set up for the exchange.  Once you are a member, contact us to let us know you are ready to have your website designed.

Barter is generally described as the exchange of goods or services between parties without the use of cash.  Where direct barter implies a direct one-to-one transaction, a barter network or trade exchange allows barter credits or trade dollars to be accounted so that direct bartering is no longer necessary, but can be accomplished by any multiple of parties.

An effective trade exchange is a system which utilizes computerized information sharing and human intelligence, relationships and creativity to create opportunities for members to trade their products and services on a regular basis.  A small cash transaction fee accompanies all barter transactions, which pays for banking and the promotional infrastructure of the network.  Most businesses see this fee similarly to that of a sales commission as it is bringing new business, which only had the opportunity to be realized as a result of the network.

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